Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Alt Summit Round Up….

I don't have any outfit photos for you this week… well, except for these second rate ones.  Life is just NUTS after taking 5 full days "off" to attend Alt (I didn't bring my laptop which was a real treat!) and returning home to terrible snow and cold again so that my kids haven't been in school yet this week, and taking pictures would just not even be possible in this weather, my life is UP.SIDE.DOWN.  And I hate not having outfit photos for you gals.  Blogger guilt!

I did however peruse all the Alt Flickr pages like a narcissistic blogger and found pictures of myself  (and I threw in a few of the amazing speakers). Seriously, Alt is full of major paparazzi in the form of Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis - two extremely amazing photogs.  They take pictures of literally EVERYTHING for the attendees… it's so nice to have an alternate view of the event besides what iPhone photos I took myself. You just have to have your lip gloss on (ABG was my motto for Alt: Always Be Glossing) at all times because you never know when they will pop up and click!

Hanging out with Abby and our iced teas (seriously, never have food in your hand, they will catch you!) right after arriving.  She was the best roommate… we had a blast. 

Waiting in line to check in… 

Garance Dore got the conference off to a stylish and inspiring start.  It was one of my favorite moments of the conference and really a major moment in my life that I feel like I will always remember (cheesy, I know. But true.).  She had a ton of great advice… but what I loved the most was the following: "When you've grown your thick skin… there the magic will happen." And "The mass doesn't have the best taste. But who are these people?" on not listening to the haters.

Abby & I attended a great round table about branding/re-branding.  The leader was the gorgeous and knowledgeable Amanda Hill.  Loved meeting her and picking her brain!

Me and a glue gun. It actually happened twice… unheard of.  But they taking their crafting serious at Alt.  So of course I had to join in on the fun.  We were making butterfly bracelets/arm wraps inspired by Catching Fire.  It was super fun.  Also, note: hot glue and shellac nails DO NOT work well together.  Lesson learned.

I had major bun action on Friday.

The will catch you taking selfies… oh yes they will!

The Blurb room on the last night was amazing… mostly because Blurb is amazing and also because Blurb knows how to throw party. I went all out in sequins… I can't even remember the last time I wore sequins, so that was fun.

Ben from Pinterest. Mind blown. So nice, so down to earth, such a genius.  He was so, so cool and was also super inspiring and honest about things working and not working.  But now he is the CEO of Pinterest. So take that. (Also funny story: the night before we were teasing him - not knowing who he was - about being one of the only guys at Alt… his response? "Well I started this website called Pinterest and I am speaking tomorrow." Oh, we had a good laugh about that one! We didn't even recognize him!) 

Now I promise I am done talking about Alt… you are probably sick of it by now!

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