Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Denim for days...

I'm a jeans gal.  More specifically a jeans and tees gal (that is why I like to wear blazers… they work perfectly with jeans and tees).

While you see a lot of jeans here on the blog with my outfits… I've never really spilled on my absolute favorite jean styles.  The wait is over… these are my top picks for jeans.  While picking one favorite isn't possible (it would be like choosing a favorite child) I will fill you in on my favorite styles and what I love about them.  Now keep in mind that denim styles will fit drastically different from body type to body type.  But maybe you can find a new pair or two here that you really enjoy too.

A. Old Navy Rockstar - these jeans are the bomb and I would be embarrassed to even count how many pairs I own.  The price point is great, they have tons of stretch and while the early version of the Rockstars fit super small and slim the new version is very forgiving.  Some versions even have a mid or high rise - look for those, they are great especially if you are a mom like me (you know what I mean).  If you are curvier, try the Sweetheart instead of the Rockstar.  These jeans come in every possible finish (I should know…) and even in distressed (love).  Go up a size and if they feel a tad small in the fitting room they are probably just right (this is a general rule for denim… they will form to your body).

B. AG Prima - these are a legging jean that are incredibly incredibly stretchy and comfortable. Don't be thrown off by the "legging" name. Also they are very thick (perfect for winter) and did I mention stretchy?  These are ideal for wearing with tall boots. These jeans are an investment and if you are short (like me) you will need to have them hemmed as with most premium denim.  But that runs only about $10 or so.  Another great AG jean is the Stevie. Those come in ankle length for us shorties and have a straighter fit than the Prima. Again go a little tight on these in the fitting room… they will stretch great after a few wears (and wash as little as possible to maintain the great dark color).

C. Gap Distressed Always Skinny - I just love distressed jeans, I realize that not everyone does, but I do.  The Gap Always Skinny is a great classic jean in the mid-range price point.  These go great with flats or boots.

D. Gap Sexy Boyfriend - A super classic boyfriend style that doesn't feel frumpy. I have had these jeans for quite a few years and love them.  They are perfect with ankle boots, flats, sandals or heels. These get a lot of wear for me in the spring and summer. Plus I find that Gap jeans always wash really well.  I try not to wash them too much… but they can stand it.

E. Gap Always Skinny… same as C, but without the distressing - I have a pair of each. These are probably my MOST worn jeans in all of my closet.  They are my happy place.

F. Gap Distressed Sexy Boyfriend.. same as D but with distressing. Again, casual and relaxed, but not sloppy.

Now for the jeans that are on my wish list (yes, I'm always looking to add new babies to my collection!):

G. Old Navy Rockstar White Mid-rise… I need a fresh pair of white jeans for spring.  Like I said earlier, I love the mid-rise on these. They are quite flattering and fit great.

H. Seven for all Mankind Skinny Jean… I used to love Sevens and would love to try a new pair as it's been years and years since I've worn a pair.  I love the classic finish on these too.

I. Old Navy The Boyfriend Patched… what can I say? I love a good distressed/textured pair of jeans. These look SO cool!

So now tell me… what are your favorite denim styles? Do we have any of the same favorites in common? I would love to hear!

see you around...

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