Monday, January 27, 2014

my everyday style: Alt Summit outfit recap!

I am back home after an amazing 4 days in Salt Lake City for the Alt Design Summit blog conference.  My mind is positively swimming with all the great information I absorbed while there.  As far as blog conferences go this experience was the creme de la creme and so chock full of inspiration and fabulousness!  If you want more behind the scenes looks at the conference check out my Instagram (user: JillGG) for fun pictures of all the adventures.

I'm still deciding if I am going to do a "recap" - I hardly know where to begin - but I sure will show you what I wore for the conference!  This is most of my outfits…

Once we arrived I unpacked… obviously my color scheme was black and white for the trip.  That's kind of my jam lately and I found it to be a no-brainer to choose outfits which was a luxury because there were so many more important decisions like what sessions to attend and whether to have one cream puff or ten (seriously, the cream puffs and all the snacks and treats were amazing!).

The first evening was dinner with sponsors… I wore this: tee (similar), blazer, coated skinnies, wedge booties (similar) and two-tone bag (similar).

For the first day of sessions I wore distressed jeans, a lace top, faux fur scarf and heels. It was so fun to have an excuse to wear heels.  This was also the outfit I wore when I met Garance Dore (major!).  I loved this outfit… I'm totally going to wear it again!

Attire for the second evening was supposed to be green for the Cricut party… Although this photo isn't the greatest quality my top was green.  I don't usually dress up this much and had a blast doing it!  I was wearing a faux fur scarf, green top, black mini skirt, burgundy clutch (similar), big sass earrings and wedge booties.  This was the outfit I was wearing when we (Abby, Christina and I) randomly met Ben the founder of Pinterest (again, MAJOR!) he was super cool and didn't seem bothered that we didn't recognize him right off the bat!

For the second day of sessions I went with coated skinnies, a peter pan top (similar), denim jacket and pointy black flats.  Weren't the bathrooms at the hotel crazy? They were perfect for selfies too :)!

The last day the conference was officially over so I visited the spa (ahhh!), went shopping and just decompressed a bit in a super casual look.  I wore distressed jeans, sweater (similar) and flats for the day.

see you around...

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