Wednesday, January 15, 2014

9 swoon worthy bags.

I'm a bag lady, plain and simple. It goes way back too... I remember hoarding/collecting the fabric ESPRIT bags in junior high and high school and absolutely squealing when a new style came out that I just HAD to have!  I remember my first "grown up" purse that was my 21st birthday present (a Coach) and many other "bag" moments throughout my youth.  Since then my husband knows the way to my heart is always with whatever bag I am swooning for at that moment.

I also splurge on them for myself as well.  The really classic ones I will squirrel away for my daughter and hope that one is a "cool enough" vintage for her to enjoy.  I choose to invest in bags because I believe they can last for a really long time if treated nicely, as a legacy to my daughter (fingers crossed) and because there are very few material items I truly enjoy more than a gorgeous bag.  My usual budget range for a handbag is under $400.  For some that may seem like a crazy high amount or for others that love the Phillip Lim's and LV's that may seem like small change.  For me I find that I can find a stylish and high quality bag for that price or lower easily.  

I usually have a running list of the bags I'm currently obsessing over... these are my current loves.  I gravitate towards neutrals but I always love a little something crazy thrown in like the neons (that pink bag! Amazing!).  This past spring I bought a yellow neon bag that I adore... it's so fun to carry.  Are you with me? Love bags? What is your favorite style of late?

top from left: neon yellow, silver, black

middle from left: brown, cream, pink (!!!!)

bottom from left: pale pink, leopard (I just need to break down and buy this already!), burgundy (amazing, but heartbreakingly expensive.)

see you around...

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