Thursday, January 16, 2014

What to wear to Altitude Design Summit! (I'm going, are you?)

Next week I am headed to Salt Lake City, Utah with hundreds of the most stylish, talented and creative bloggers in the world (seriously, it's going to be nuts) with my gal-pal Abby for the Altitude Design Summit (aka "Alt").  THE blogger conference of blogger conferences.  To say I am nervous and excited would be an understatement.  It's going to be crazy good and part of me just hopes my blog chops measure up.  Also I am the world's worst small talker, so I have that and what I am going to wear to worry about for the next week or so.

So what will I wear!?!? Or if you are going what will YOU wear?!?! Good question!  I am almost done with my packing and outfit list and this was the process I took to formulate it. Even if you are not going to Alt these tips apply for any other type of travel where you will need multiple outfits for multiple events.  The conference is only two days technically, but with some travel days bookending the conference I did the "count" and I need about 8 full outfits (2 travel, 3 evening and 3 day) whew! That is a lot of planning!

So here are the steps for making an exhaustive packing list:
  • First I made a Pinterest board with inspiration of the types of outfits I see myself in for the conference (you can peep that out here...). I chose relaxed neutrals for the trip but you could choose any color combo or style you like!  I love neutrals lately and I want to feel really good in my clothes for the conference.
  • Next I made a list of the key items I knew I wanted to take on the trip... for instance my coated skinny jeans and a green top (for the "green" themed opening party).
  • Then I took the inspiration from the Pinterest board and the list of the "must pack"items and organized them into outfits on paper. This list evolved with lots of scratch outs and switch ups.  I also plan to wear a few items twice like shoes, jeans and blazers.
  • Then I tried them all on... whew! From there a few more changes were made (outfits in my head don't always look like outfits on my body) and I finalized the list.
It seems like a lot of steps but I almost felt like it was necessary.  I don't want to have to decide what to wear when I get there, I've got enough to worry about (like my small talk skills) so this pre-planning will free me up to enjoy myself and learn lots and worry more about making new friends and connections and less about what I will wear.

Here is a look at the types of pieces I will be bringing... all quite neutral and tending towards the casual side.


see you around...

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