Tuesday, January 14, 2014

50 things every woman must own! (back by popular demand!)

I'm so glad you are here… one of the most popular posts I have ever written was the 50 Things Every Woman Should Own post...

I think so many gals really resonated with this post because it's such a great framework for building our closets in a cohesive and practical way and also because it's aspirational at the same time.  There are quite a few pieces on here that I am still working on finding for my own closet or that after a year goes by I realize need replacing.  So I thought it would be fun to re-run it for those who haven't seen it yet or for those of us who have and need to check the list again to see perhaps what pieces we can add to our closets in 2014. For instance, I still need numbers 8, 9, 13 & 48 - just to name a few! What numbers are you planning on working on?

I also updated the links with similar pieces if the existing links were outdated or not live anymore.  

1. oversized sweater 2. oxford shirt 3. ballet flats 4. embellished top (similar) 5. chambray top 6. maxi dress (similar) 7. versatile scarf (similar) 8. sentimental jewelry (similar) 9. trench coat (similar) 10. little black dress (similar) 11. a signature manicure (similar) 12. something outrageous 13. a carryall bag 14. sunglasses 15. cropped black pants (similar) 16. knee high boots (similar) 17. well-fitting jeans 18. everyday flats (similar) 19. clutch (similar) 20. sun hat (similar) 21. a classic scent 22. watch (similar) 23. simple tank 24. braided belt (similar) 25. casual shorts (similar) 26. wool coat (similar) 27. party dress (similar) 28. black leggings 29. simple skirt (similar) 30. pencil skirt (similar) 31. large purse (similar) 32. rain boots 33. statement necklace (similar) 34. something leopard - I prefer shoes! 35. cardigan (similar) 36. skinny belt (similar) 37. neutral pumps 38. tunic 39. white tee shirt (similar) 40. black blazer (similar) 41. striped top (similar) 42. a lady-like umbrella (similar) 43. a floral top (similar)  44. safari-style jacket (similar) 45. white pants or jeans (similar) 46. fun sandals (similar) 47. casual shoes 48. leather jacket (similar) 49. black turtleneck (similar) 50. denim jacket

see you around...

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