Thursday, November 21, 2013

what to pack: headed south!

I've gotten a few emails from readers that you need packing tips for heading to warmer weather this time of year!  I too am headed South to escape the cold and to celebrate Thanksgiving next week.  We are headed to Florida for some solid family time, relaxation and a few days at Disney! I am really looking forward to it.

I'm trying to pull my packing list together as soon as possible because with the climate changes being so  large I want to make sure I have everything I need for myself (and the kids) in enough time.  I say this every time - when packing for a trip try to center your clothing choices around 2-3 main colors to make sure everything mixes and matches easily.

My goal for this trip is to pack around mostly navy and white pieces and then add in a few fun pastel or summery colors (although my head is having a hard time wrapping itself around the idea of "summery" colors on the brink of winter, you know!?).  For my kids I am packing any shorts and tees that still fit them from summer - I am just keeping my fingers crossed that there are some still in their closet that fit! I could spend the whole week in my bathing suit (weather permitting) but I will need an outfit or two for time spent at Disney.

I am an absolute Disney freak - so I absolutely can't wait to get there.  Cotton candy, mouse ears and Haunted Mansion here I (I mean WE) come! Are you headed south soon? Where to?
1. denim dress - perfect for evenings! 
2. merci tee - this with white shorts is on my list.
3. white shorts - I have been missing these since summer so I am happy to pull them back out. 
4. striped top - you know a stripe or two will end up in my bag. 
5. havaiana gold flips are my flop of choice... love these babies! 
6. neon/white scarf... this seems like it will go with everything. 
7. navy shorts will be perfect to go with anything or to throw on to head to the pool. 
8. neutral sandals for dressing up a pair of shorts or jeans. 
9. break out the summer favorites... I love this clutch and own a similar one from summer. 
10.  a practical tote is necessary for the airport, Disney and magazines at the pool. 
11. a rope necklace is a fun summery piece to dress up a tee or tank. 
12. a bathing suit or two will for sure be in my bag! 
13. white jeans... a necessity. 
14. denim jacket for layering on cool evenings. 
15. sunnies! come on sun, you better shine! 
16. denim shorts... another simple necessity. 
17. simple tanks... I'm just going to throw in what I have on hand (sadly, not much). 
18. earrings... for "dressing" up for a dinner out or two. 
19. my white supergas are perfect for walking in. 
20. I'm sporting pink nails for sure... if you can't in Florida in November? Where can you? 
21. more stripes... you know, just in case! 
22. I can't forget my favorite sunscreen (oil & lotion).

see you around...

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