Thursday, November 21, 2013

my everyday style: bundle up!

A reader recently told me that she read my blog for a year and just realized I had kids. Ha!  This is totally my escape from my kids, this here blog.  I do in fact have kids! Two of them... they are 6 & 9.  They are growing up so fast it seems like they are going to college next year already. So that is why most of what you see me wearing here on the blog is super relaxed and there are rarely dresses and/or skirts. I'll throw on the occasional summer dress... but being mom of the year doesn't usually equate to anything more than jeans in my book.

My goal with this blog is to tell my point of view on fashion and style.  It's relaxed, it's usually machine washable and it suits my lifestyle, which is a healthy balance of kid centered activities and working at home.  My days are spent at home working and running errands to keep the house afloat and my evenings are spent sitting on bleachers, etc at soccer, gymnastics, etc. etc practices, making dinner and telling the kids over and over to please stop wrestling (um, why do kids wrestle so much? I never remember wrestling as a kid) or to get in the shower.

I wore this outfit out for errands and dinner with the family recently.  I've been terrible about cooking dinner lately... I mean why cook dinner when you can get unlimited chips and salsa at your favorite Mexican joint. Am I right?

Sweater, H&M (c/o)
Coat, H&M (c/o)
Jeans, AG
Purse, J.Crew
Shoes, Old Navy (old - but these are similar!)

see you around...

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Ladies in Navy said...

so cozy looking! it has been frigid here


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