Wednesday, November 20, 2013

chat back with good life!

A lot of you gals have been asking for some videos here on the blog!  (eek!) I didn't really know what type of format they should have nor am I very good with the technical side of videos.  But I hoped that maybe a simple little "chat" type vlog would be fun.  It's very similar to the content I would make into a post, but instead of writing about it I talk about it (and blab and "um" it to death).

Without further ado... let's chat, shall we? (and yes, I totally have a "Northerner/Chicago" accent... :) everyone always love to point that out!)

chat back with good life November 2013 from Jill Gott-Gleason on Vimeo.

In the video I talk about a few of my favorite beauty products!

I also answer a question reader recently had about what to expect when you first start a blog! (time commitment, etc)

Let me know what other topics you would like to see featured in upcoming videos... I would love to hear!

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