Thursday, November 14, 2013

my everyday style: jeweled!

I have had my eye out for a grey top that is jeweled like this all fall (like I styled here too!) and when I saw this one on sale for 40% off at J.Crew recently I knew it was meant to be.   I love that it can be worn with simple jeans and flats or boots this winter and I also plan on wearing it to a holiday party or two... the little bit of sparkle makes it so easy to dress up.

I don't mean to keep talking about it, but your recent answers to the survey were so enlightening. A lot of you mentioned that you want more of "me." More of my personal life and who I "used to be" when I first started blogging. And a lot of this I am still processing but I can let you know where I stand now.

When I first started blogging it was for fun, I had hoped I would speak to people but I was happy just to speak and tell my story of style and fashion.  I still feel like that about blogging. If you like this blog cool, if you don't - that's cool too. There are a lot of bloggers in this world that can hopefully speak to you if it's not me.  Now I consider this blog my "career" and I continue to do it everyday for you gals, because I love to inspire women... but that doesn't mean I still don't get a lot of satisfaction out of it.  I come to this space everyday to work for you and to work for me in equal parts - or at least it is my intention to do that.  Doing good work that matters in a small way is important to me.

Along the way a nasty comment or email or two and the busy-ness of life made me close up and bring you the style and fashion each day but a little less of myself.  I never meant for it to happen really, it just did and it felt right. It still feels right some days. It's not easy to put oneself out on the internet for all to see.

I hope that you can see how much I care about my readers from my posts and my commitment to this blog. But I also can see now that you can tell how much I care for you when I share myself as well.  So by you gals opening up to me in the survey... I hope to continue to open up to you.  This little spot on the internet brings me joy - I hope it does that and more for you. oxo, Jill

Sweater, J.Crew (less expensive version)
Waxed Denim, Gap (less expensive version)
Shoes, Piperlime
Clutch, J.Crew Factory (similar)
Bracelet, gift
see you around...

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