Wednesday, November 13, 2013

9 pieces | 9 outfits!

Good morning lovely ladies!  Today I have a great post on mixing and matching for you... I am working through all of your amazing comments and suggestions from the recent survey that many (oh so many!) of you completed.  Thank you so much for doing that!  I plan to do a little recap to let you know what I have learned and to talk about blog stuff in general.  But in the meantime I've got a killer post today for you.

A lot of you left comments that you miss the wardrobe consult posts.  (sad face) I know you do gals, I know you do. But since I am no longer offering wardrobe consultation services and focusing more on the blog I can't offer those specific posts any more.  However I get that you like the idea behind them - a budget and then mixing and matching. Am I right?  The 9 pieces | 9 outfits series is actually very close in concept!

For these outfits I focused on budget friendly pieces (all the clothes are from Target, because their fall/winter stuff rocks right now, and usually always) and I also focused on pieces that I would likely recommend in a wardrobe consult.  These pieces are a spot on for the season, mix and match well and easy to wear!  Plus I worked to have a few outfits that are ultra casual while others are great for the office or at least a casual day in the office.

All the clothing in this post amounts to only $274 (I went ahead and did the math for you!) and the accessories come to an additional $347.  If you have a monthly shopping budget of around $300 (like I do) you could buy half of these pieces this month and half next month. OR you may already own some of these basics... like a black blazer or jeans or black flats and then these pieces would cost much less all together if you supplement the pieces you already own.  And then pow! you have 9 new outfits to wear through out the late fall and early winter.  That is nine less days of asking yourself "what should I wear today?" Or of course you could just buy a few pieces and still complete a few looks.  I hope this is helpful whatever your budget!

clothing featured:

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