Wednesday, October 9, 2013

fall jewelry wardrobe refresh with Fossil!

There are jewelry pieces that are fun and bold and exciting to wear and then there are your gorgeous everyday pieces.  Both deserve equal space in our wardrobe and today I am featuring some gorgeous 'everyday' pieces from Fossil.

These are the pieces that you will wear everyday with all your outfits, they feel like home, you feel naked without them, you don't walk out the door until you are wearing them... you know the type.  Gorgeous and classic pieces like these are an absolute necessary piece in your wardrobe and they are more than worth their investment.  If I calculated a CPW (cost per wear) for my watches, dainty necklaces and everyday earrings it would be pennies.  I seriously wear them all the time!

A gorgeous watch (or two!), a simple but beautiful pair of earrings and a little bracelet that adds a dash of style shouldn't be overlooked.  Here I chose a few of my favorites all from Fossil.  If it's time to hit refresh on your everyday jewelry, I highly recommend these pieces!  I know I may put a few of these on my wishlist myself!

this post is sponsored by fossil. all opinions are my own.

see you around...

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