Thursday, October 10, 2013

style preparedness: fall!

I was in Target the other day picking up a few (million) things that I did/didn't need (you know, the usual routine!) when I spotted the hats and gloves displays up in the children's section.  I thought, who needs those things... it's such a beautiful day today!

But then I remembered that these gorgeous fall days are fleeting and the minute my kids seem to need the hats and gloves (and more) due to the cold weather the stores seems to be out of stock of what's good or what's in their size.  So this year I bought winter gloves the first week of October. Crazy, I know.

The exact same goes for my own seasonal preparedness. I never seem to be fully mentally ready for the first cold snap - or worse, rainy cold snap - but at least my closet will be.

So while I hope we don't have to pull out cozy scarves and boots to block the cold November-ish rain (yep, I just went there) any time soon - I sure know I want to have the cutest options on hand before they run out OR before I need them with no time to spare.  You know?

These warm scarves are for more than just looking stylish - although they are great for that too - these babies are cozy and warmed up and ready to warm you up!  And although I've said it for way too many seasons now, I swear this year I am investing in a pair of Hunters.  They are perfect on a fall day before you are ready to whip out the winter boots.  So tell me, are you stocking up on cold weather wear yet or am I just crazy?

see you around...

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