Monday, September 30, 2013

20 gorgeous fall handbags!

What is your handbag style? Printed? Solid? Leather? Tote? Satchel? Clutch? Cross-body? Do tell!

If there is any one item in my closet that I have the most fun buying it has to be handbags.  I like to make investments in gorgeous classic bags that I know I will love for years to come or experiment in patterns and colors when I can find a great deal that I know I will have fun carrying or accessorizing with my outfit.

I'm partial to leather when shopping for a handbag, especially if I can find it for a great price... but there are plenty of non-leather handbags as well that are fabulous as well!  Here I rounded up 20 fall handbags starting at only $68 and reaching all price points.  Any of these little pretties would make a great addition to your closet (or mine!) this fall, don't you think?
top row, from left: leopard, burgundy, grey, navy
2nd row, from left: camel, black/white two-tone, pink, caramel
4th row, from left: red, camel, leopard, black

see you around...

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