Tuesday, October 1, 2013

one sweater | three ways.

I've got a question for you today: when you find a clothing item that you really, really love... do you go ahead and buy it in multiples?

In general, I have historically attempted to not buy multiples of one style in order to keep my wardrobe varied and interesting.  But I have a confession: lately I care less about an 'interesting' closet and more about a simple, classic and EASY wardrobe. (you know the kind... it's when you DON'T have to stand in your closet and always ask yourself the dreaded "what to wear?" question!)

Recently I purchased this sweater in black (you can see it here and watch for it again very soon on the blog!) and I really, really like it. I love the flowy fit and the light weight fabric not to mention the turtleneck and the cropped sleeves.  I am so tempted to buy it in multiples... and style it up like these great looks below.

So tell me... are you "pro" buying in multiples or "con"? I would love to hear why!  Also, I highly recommend you check this sweater out... it's such a great fall staple!

left look:

middle look:

right look:

see you around...

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