Monday, August 5, 2013

wear now & later! (the denim jacket)

Lately I've had a renewed love for the denim jacket... don't get me wrong, I've always loved my denim jacket and denim jackets in general but lately there is just SOMETHING about a casual and comfortable and totally broken in denim jacket. I seem to want to reach for mine any time I feel a little chill (and our mornings are quite cool lately... so I've been able to indulge quite a bit!).

Not only is a great denim jacket an absolute summer essential, but it also happens to translate effortlessly to fall fashion as well.  And while I am taking every possible moment to soak up the last sweet morsels of summer, fashion-wise I am absolutely looking forward to fall.

Here I took the classic denim jacket and styled it up for both summer and fall... I hope you enjoy these two looks!

get the looks above,
denim jacket - so cute and UNDER $30, clutch

see you around...

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