Friday, August 2, 2013

dishing on premium denim! (but without the premium prices!)

I'm a denim enthusiast... I just love jeans. If you've read this blog for any amount of time (and especially those of you that have been reading for years) you know that I wear denim, a lot. And I love it, a lot.  There was a time in my blogging "career" that I felt guilty about this when so many other bloggers were wearing cute dresses and skirts or office attire and I was just kicking it in jeans each day.  But now I really don't care. It is who I am and what I love - so that is what I blog about.

I go through phases with premium denim though.  Throughout my adult life I have loved it and been indifferent to it and everywhere in between.  But my general rule is that I think you should own at least one pair of premium denim.  It rounds out your closet in a sophisticated way and really is a great investment for your wardrobe.  (a great pair of jeans made my "50 things" list!)

I waiver on the brands I like (I think everyone has a favorite or one that fits them the best) but I definitely think it's worth it to get to know a few brands and how they fit and then splurge on them from time to time.  My current/ongoing favorites are Seven for all Mankind and AG.  I would love to try out some J Brand as well, but I haven't yet.  Once you find a style and brand that you love and that fits you great... there is NO better feeling in the world (when it comes to clothes!). It really makes you feel amazing and you will instantly see the value of your investment.

Right now is having a HUGE sale and LOTS and LOTS of their premium denim is on major sale (even some at 50% off!).  It's an amazing deal that I couldn't let pass without telling you gals about it...

1. J Brand 811 (50% off!)
3. J Brand 835 (30% off!) 
4. AG Skinny Legging (30% off!)
5. Current Elliott Stiletto (30% off!)
6. J Brand 811 (30% off!)
7. J Brand 811 White (30% off!)

What are your favorite premium denim brands?  I would love to hear!

see you around...

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