Wednesday, April 10, 2013

perfectly priced: under $25

With winter coming to a close we shed the heavy layers of boots and wool sweaters in exchange for cotton tees, colorful shorts and fanciful accessories.  And while the "heavy" pieces of winter often come with a similarly "hefty" price tag... just the opposite is true for spring and summer.

Sandals, sunglasses and simple dresses all thankfully check out at much "lighter" price points than their winter counterparts.  For me, winter clothes always equal an investment... but for spring, everything is game.  Five dollar t-shirts and twenty dollar sandals are the specialty of the season. So now is the time to stock up on them!

Here I rounded up sixteen budget friendly pieces under $25 that are sure to pack a punch in your spring wardrobe!

(above: striped dress, lavender chinos, earrings, tassel key chains: navy & mint, baseball cap, pink bangle bracelet, orange sandals)

If we haven't already... let's get social!

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Erin said...

I love both of those dresses! So cute.


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