Thursday, April 11, 2013

wear it now & later!

Seasonal versatility is key in my closet. I try not to have too many pieces that are solely for one season, but rather pieces that can blend between two or more seasons.  This not only helps me buy less clothes, but it also helps me get my money's worth out of the clothes that I do buy.  If I am buying new pieces, I like to imagine how they will work for this season and the following season.

I recently purchased this tunic from Old Navy (it's down right gorgeous in person, you would never believe it is from Old Navy and UNDER $30 - bonus!).  I loved that it so easy-breezy-summer looking.  I instantly pictured myself wearing it to the beach on a warm and sunny day with a pair of shorts and sandals with the perfect picnic packed.  After that sweet little daydream ended I knew I needed a way to wear it now as well... white jeans and a blazer seem like a no brainer to make this tunic appropriate for the cool spring temps we are having currently.  

(get the looks above: white jeans, earrings, blazer, flats, tunic, swim: top & bottom, shorts, sandals)

Another piece I am plan to get a lot of use out of this spring is a chambray dress. With as much wear as I get out of my chambray tops, this dress is a must for spring.  Since the sleeves can be rolled up or left down, this dress is ideal for chilly spring days or warm sunny summer days alike.  For spring, layers are key to warm up this dress - I prefer a little jacket and a scarf.  For summer, I can't wait to wear this to an outdoor event where I can roll up the sleeves and kick back in style.

(get the looks above: scarf, jacket, flats -- oops looks like that pair is sold out, here is a similar pair!, dress, sun hat, sunglasses, belt, wedges)

If we haven't already... let's get social!

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