Wednesday, February 27, 2013

what to pack: Mexican cruise!

It's that time of year: SPRING BREAK season is upon us!!!  A reader emailed saying that she is headed out on a Mexican cruise for spring break (JEALOUS!) and wanted some tips on what to pack.  She's from the great NorthWest so she was worried she wouldn't have enough "summery" pieces to pack.  Luckily the stores are starting to carry spring break wear... so she can easily fill in any blanks with a quick trip to Target, Gap or Old Navy.

You know I am in general a believer in packing light... cruises may be the exception though. You need pieces for dining (a dress or two, no worries on repeating one during the trip), deck clothes for sunning and lounging and of course some shorts and tees for excursions.  Cruises really do involve a lot of packing!  But items can be worn twice and mixed and matched.  I like to choose a color or two (here I choose greens and blues) as a theme and then mix in neutrals to finish the looks. It's an easy way to pack to make sure that everything will go together for the whole trip.

Here are a few suggestions on what to pack!

(from top, left to right)
swimsuit, I recommend a one piece AND a two piece, depending on your mood!
straw tote, for day excursions and bringing mags up to the sun deck
white button front tank, this can be worn for an excursion or with a skirt for dinner
denim shorts, easy to pull on to go up to the deck or explore cities while in port
striped top, goes with anything from shorts to a skirt
linen blend shorts, perfect for throwing on over your suit.
striped dress, simple and pretty for dinner
mini skirt, so cute and versatile, it will go with everything here!
striped sun hat, shade that face!
swim cover-up, easy and cute to wear after snorkeling or sunning
sunglasses, can't forget these!
wedge sandals, perfect for dinner, they are super classy!
v-neck t-shirt, pair with shorts for grabbing lunch or shopping a Mexican market
eyelet top, this sweet little top will keep you nice and cool
sandals, a basic pair of sandals is perfect for everyday wear

Are you headed somewhere super warm for spring break?

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