Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my everyday style: the good news and the bad!

These photos were taken over a week ago before I got sick. As in super, super sick.  Influenza.  That's right, I didn't get a flu shot (never have) and was struck DOWN with this nasty virus. Never (I repeat NEVER) will I skip a flu shot again. 'Sick' is an understatement to what I experienced last week... and really, what I am still experiencing.  The flu is not just a really bad cold, it is devastating to your body.

I won't go into all the symptoms and misery, but it's substantial.  There is a reason why young children and the elderly can die from this stuff... heck, at one point I thought maybe I was on the chopping block.  And even a full week later I still have some mild symptoms and am definitely not back to 100%.     It's scary stuff!

So the bad news: I was super sick. The good news: I am on the mend!

But anyway, enough about that.  I've got another winter look for you here... I don't think I've ever done so much layering in one season before. Maybe I am finally getting the hang of it!  I wore this on President's Day... since the kids and my husband had the day off we played tourist in our own city going to the Van Andel Public Museum and Dog Pit for lunch.  It was a super fun family day!

Sweater, J.Crew
Gingham Top, Old Navy (c/o) - can't get enough of this top!
Jeans, Gap
Jacket, H&M (similar)
Boots, Sole Society

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