Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dressing Room Diaries! (J.Crew!)

Last week I headed over to my local J.Crew to check out the 30% off sale they were having (which is still going on in stores and online!) and maybe to find a piece or two that I loved (NOT hard to do).  I'm torn about shopping this time of year as there are SO many good deals but I don't really need to be shopping for myself (at all) nor do I always feel right about spending the money on it.  We had a dinner to attend on Friday and I thought maybe I could get an amazing deal on a fun piece for the event from the sale rack.

Here's what I tried on... I mostly stuck to the sale rack and boy are there a lot of sales at J.Crew right now (seems odd for right before Christmas, but I'll take it!).

Click through to see what I tried on and brief reviews of the items I tried on at J.Crew last week!

I really like the Gabby top in dot, but felt like it's not particularly suited to my lifestyle. This would be a great work top though and it fit like a dream (sadly I haven't found a good way to integrate blouses into my mom lifestyle).  The dots are super cute but the solid version is cheaper and in super fantastic colors.  On the one hand I loved the Toothpick cord in neon fuchsia and on the other it seemed completely over the top. But could that be good? The price was great especially with the 30% off and they were SUPER soft.  What are your thoughts on the pink cords?

I have loved this shirt from afar and I love it in person too. It wasn't on sale in the store though (boo hoo!).  The fit was fantastic, I feel like J.Crew tops fit my body well (or at least the button fronts tend to)

This top was a great price and had a great thick feel to the fabric, I'm 50/50 on the peplum thing. What are your thoughts on peplum? I know this would look super cute with a blazer, beyond that, I'm not so sure what I would personally pair it with this time of year. 3/4 length sleeves on this top would have rocked my socks, short sleeves in the winter for me is not real do-able.

I love this top. That my friends is all I have to say. I was a little heartbroken to leave it in the fitting room, but in the end I couldn't justify the price (even with the discount).  I will say my store had TONS of these hanging in the sale area and I can't imagine they will all be gone soon. I'll check back on this baby, because it's gorgeous! I will say I went a size up with this top, it felt too tight in the XS and the small felt JUST right. And here are my thoughts on the J.Crew Pixie pant - again, LOVE them (I tried them on in the fall and loved them then but didn't buy them).  I am having a hard time with the price. That said I have thrown away two pairs of leggings in the past year that I have straight up worn out, so maybe it's time for an investment in the legging department. Have you tried them on? What are your thoughts on the J.Crew Pixie Pant?

How fun is this combo?  Now I'm just wasting time trying different combos on... 'fess up, you know you do it too!

Hey there! Loved this fun top!  How cute would this outfit have been for a Christmas (or New Years) party?  And this top is on super sale.  I will say it felt a little weird on (slinky or something?) - I can't remember the last time I wore a velvet top, but it looked great.

So there is my review of a few sale items at J.Crew today. I do have to say that I sadly walked away with nothing (oh the sheer will power!)... which is almost impossible for me to do. But this time of year I like to wait and see what Santa has up his sleeve.  Plus, after-Christmas sales can be quite delightful?  What do you love here? Is there something I should go back for?

ps. the shoes are the "EDIE" style from Sole Society!

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