Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fashion Emergency! It's the week before Christmas and I need an outfit for.... (fill in the blank!)

It's the week before Christmas and it crunch time people!  Gifts need to be purchased and wrapped, cookies need to be baked and eaten and you got events to attend with NOTHING to wear. (am I right?)   My email inbox is filling up with questions like...

  • What do I wear to my work Christmas party?
  • What do I wear to a holiday wedding?
  • What do I wear to meet my his parents for the first time?
So here in one fell swoop I've got all your fashion emergencies covered (or at least a few of them!)...

The work Christmas party is easy... take it from day to night. That is, add an element to the outfit that you would usually wear to the office (trousers, pencil skirt or a simple white button-front top) and dress it up with an item that is festive like a sequined top or skirt, a bold and fun necklace or some fun red heels.  Always, always keep it appropriate though. You don't want "that" kind of attention from your
boss. (work look: clutch, top, skirt, pearls, shoes, nail polish)

As for the holiday wedding... go low key and classy as you would to any wedding, but pay close attention to the textures and fabrics that you choose to make sure they fit the season.  Here I chose a simple tweed dress (perfect for winter!), a gorgeous wool coat and a simple pair of tights (or choose these fun polka dot tights to mix things up a bit!).  Remember it's the bride's time to shine! (wedding look: dress, tights, necklace, coat, nail polish, shoes)

 Are you "meeting his parents" for the first time this holiday season? While that can be very nerve-wracking, it can also be such a special experience.  Make sure to check with him first on what the general dress code is for their family events.  Then go for a simple combination of dressed-up-casual to play it safe if you are still unsure.  The scarf dresses down the outfit while the shoes and the blazer dress it up a bit. That way you can make sure your outfit works even at spur of the moment.  Cords are comfortable but still more pulled together than jeans. (meet the parents look: purse, cords, sweater, blazer, scarf, flats)

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