Thursday, November 15, 2012

my outfit: winter times!

I may have mentioned this before, but we (read: I) often wax poetic about the arrival of winter.  What with it's scarves, boots, layers and sweaters not to mention the hot tea and cocoa... it is easy to romanticize.  But then sometimes you start wearing all these amazing boots, layers, sweaters and scarves and you feel a little, hmmm... how should I say it... OVER dressed.  And not in a dressy way.  Put it this way: it's hard to feel sleek and feminine sometimes in all these layers.  I'm wondering if you have felt the same way ever? I like the way this outfit looks, but while I was wearing it I felt a little 'heavy' with clothing or like my boots were too clunky.

It's all just getting used to the new season I suppose... (do you ever feel a little naked the first time you put shorts on in the spring?) and I am working on getting over it in my mind.  I will say I was very warm!  Which definitely counts for something...

Scarf, Old Navy last year (similar)
Sweater, Gap
Chambray Top, J.Crew
Cords, Old Navy in color 'time will teal'
Boots, Sole Society 'valentina' style


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