Thursday, November 15, 2012

mix and mingle: winter classics!

I strongly believe that if you have classic pieces in your wardrobe that work well together from the moment you buy them, that they will continue to work well in the long run.

In fact when I shop I actually try to 'match' up my pieces a bit to make sure they work well together in the store - and then I will be confident that they will work well together once it's time to wear them as well.  (this photo on Instagram is a perfect example... see how everything coordinates straight home from the store? I already have four or five outfit combinations by adding a few pairs of pants and tops that I already own).

My 'mix and mingle' posts carry on that same idea... work upon a similar theme when shopping and you will make your life a million times easier when getting dressed in the morning...

1. You know I am huge fan of chambray... I could use a darker/denimy-er one for winter though. These tops go over and under almost everything in your closet!
2. Give me a grey sweater and I will give 10 outfits in 10 seconds flat (give or take). Seriously, this sweater is the perfect work horse in your winter closet
3. I am having a serious faux fur moment lately.  It will be popping up on the blog for real this winter (you've been warned!). Isn't this vest gorgeous? I feel like it would instantly class-up any winter look.
4. Winter means skinny jeans for me, period.  How else am I going to tuck all my jeans into all my boots? I'm thinking of splurging on a pair of JBrand. Are you a fan?
5. This scarf.  Buy one for yourself and a few for your friends too... it goes with anything and is SO SO soft!
6. I saw this colorblocked Coach clutch at the Michigan Ave store in Chicago earlier this week.  It's GOR.GEOUS. in person. Just stunning. Their whole winter line is one of their most impressive in years (in my opinion!).
7. There is something about these gold loafers that I just can't quit.  The pair featured here are a decent price alternative to this forgetaboutitcute pair from Coach.  Love them both really.
8. I'm loving pink and burgundy for nail polish this winter. I'll probably just have those on repeat for a while.

And while I love each of these items independently for their own reasons... you could just pile all these items on together and call it good (I just realized they make a full outfit all together - blogger serendipity!)

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