Wednesday, November 14, 2012

my outfit: Instagram edition!

With the sun setting at a record pace each day (dark by 5:30 - boo!), it's been hard to get "real" photos of my outfits lately.  But that is where Instagram picks up the slack.  You can always find me there snapping away details of life behind the blog... what I'm eating, cooking, wearing, doing, etc.  Here are some of my more "outfity" pictures.
top left: I drove to Chicago to meet Linda for shopping... my parka and plaid scarf were perfect for shopping and hours in the car.
top right: small details make the outfit sometimes.  Here I'm wearing a neon sweater, chambray top and a fun striped belt.
bottom left: simple jacket and tee is sometimes all you need too
bottom right: I snagged Linda from Chicago and brought her home with me... we had to do an obligatory instagram shot in front of the mirror together (how cute is she?)

top left: a few weeks ago I went on a field trip with my daughter - this is what I wore.
top right: white t-shirt days are the BEST!
bottom left: bold colors for winter are very fun! (and of course, I love pink!)
bottom right: I wish I worked at the mall. I could take pictures of myself in the dressing room everyday!  :) Here I am waiting in the Gap dressing rooms for my husband wearing a blazer/sweater/jeans/flats combo (also known as my uniform!).

I'd love it if you followed along on Instagram with me, my user is: JillGG.

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