Thursday, July 26, 2012

summer staples! {birthday edition}

This weekend is going to be one FULL of celebration!  The Summer Olympics begin tomorrow in London... and who doesn't love the Olympics!?!? (Plus, have you seen this amazing Olympic poster? so cool!) I will be watching for sure.  If not for rooting on Team USA then definitely for Kate Middleton sightings.  Shallow, yes. Fashionable, for sure.

Also, I celebrate my birthday this weekend!  Yay!  Another year older and wiser.  Birthdays are fun... and dare I say even more so on weekends!  I'm excited to see my husband again who has been traveling all week and get some fun and relaxation in.  And we have a fun date night scheduled as well.  It's been forever since I've been out with the guy and I'm looking forward to good food and celebration!

So here is my summer staples... birthday edition!  The summer staples series is simple... all I need is a little something to sip on, snack on, wear, read and some great sunnies.  Simply put - they are just my summer style staples!

1. A little bubbly is a necessity for birthday celebrations!  I love these adorable Sofia cans.  
Perfect for picnics or the beach!
2. Let (me) eat cake!
3. I always think I'll 'dress up' for my birthday. But the fact is I am much happier with the basics!  This look would be perfect for a casual date night.  (nail polish, jeans, tank, necklace, clutch, flats)
4. I just snagged this new release from the library.  Gold: A Novel by Chris Cleave is a book about cyclists in the Olympics.  How timely!  I'll have my nose in this book this weekend for sure!
5. Love aviators.  Oldies but goodies.

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