Friday, July 27, 2012

what to wear: weekend! {Olympic Style!}

Doesn't all this Olympic spirit get you in the mood to get physical?  I've been a total slacker this summer on working out... which is a shame, I really have no excuse.  So for some 'inspiration' I figured some new work out duds might be in order - and also, I desperately need them (my currents have, um... "expired" you could say.  Yeah, they are getting gross).

Plus Old Navy has really stepped up their work out attire lately - so cute! - and I'm curious to give them a try.

So here's to Team USA and to getting back on track with working out... and if these cute work out clothes aren't enough inspiration, well I'm sure this and this are.  Beautiful!

gym bag (so cute!) running shoes)

PLUS! Use "ONSAVE25" before Monday to save an additional 25% off at Old Navy (woo hoo!).

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