Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Must haves: skin care!

Recently a reader asked (via Instagram, I believe!) if I would focus on what some of my "Must Haves" are from time to time.  And of course I love to deliver what you gals are looking for!

For my beauty routine I am always changing things up.  I never used to be a "beauty junkie" but these days I totally am.  Plus, my skin has become very 'difficult' as I age.  Who knew zits are worse now than in high school? Age-fail.  I always try to keep my products on the "natural" side (I know that means different things to different people)... for me that means avoiding products that contain mineral oil, parabens, animal by-products and some other gross things.  I am so thankful that products that avoid these ingredients are now becoming more popular.

Here's what I've been using on a daily bias these days...

  • Origins Modern Friction... this is the best exfoliant that I have tried.  Ahem, and I have tried a lot.  My skin is SO soft after using this.  I usually exfoliate in the morning... three times a week or so. (I recommend using this on DRY skin though... if you use it on your skin when it's already wet - like in the shower - it doesn't exfoliate as well)
  • Yes to Blueberries Facial Towlettes... I was hesitant to try these cleansing clothes (I don't know why).  But I absolutely LOVE these.  They are perfect to keep in your beach bag after a sweaty day at the pool or beach and leave your skin feeling soft and clean and they are great at removing eye make-up too.
  • Origins Checks and Balances... best face wash ever. It's soft and foamy and cooling with it's minty scent.  Plus you can literally use less than a pea size of this and it's all you need.  So this tube is about a lifetimes' supply (not really, but pretty much!).  This is my day and night cleanser when I'm not exfoliating.
  • Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel... I am a firm, firm believer in eye cream/gel.  The skin around our eyes are the first thing to age, so I use this gel day and night to conquer tired eyes and wrinkles.  If I could go back in time I would start using an eye cream like the day I was born.  
  • DermaE Hyaluronic Acid Rehydrating Serum... another great product to combat aging. Serums are a must use every day.  This one is oil free and if you have oily skin can double as a light moisturizer too.  I've tried a lot of the DermaE products and really like them.
  • Derma E Very Clear Moisturizer... this is the perfect moisturizer for my skin.  It's very thick, but feels light on my face and is loaded with Tea Tree Oil to stop bacteria from invading my skin.  

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Mackattack said...

Ty! I too have developed problematic skin as I have gotten older and it's very frustrating at times. I need to try some of this stuff!


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