Wednesday, July 25, 2012

3 ways to wear the J.Crew Pixie pant...

Have you seen the J.Crew Pixie pant and asked yourself "How would I style those adorable Pixie pants?"

In real life I wear leggings a lot... and from time to time they even show up here on the blog.  For me leggings are quick and look nice and a comfortable to wear as a busy mom.  I'm seriously in the market for a new pair because I have completely worn out the previous two pairs that I have owned.  While perusing the recent J.Crew catalog I came across the Pixie pant and instantly fell in love with the look.  I'm so excited to try them on as they are a little dressier than a regular "legging" and also a little more of an investment as well.  But after having to trash two pairs of $25 leggings, it seems right to invest more in a pair that will last longer.  Doesn't it?

Here are three ways to style the J.Crew Pixie pant (or style a pair of leggings you may already own!) for the rest of summer... for fall they would be perfect with boots and a blazer - but that's me getting a little ahead of myself!

I always go for loose layers when styling my leggings... that and a salad for lunch and a little "suck it in" action! (wink, wink!)

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