Tuesday, July 24, 2012

my outfit: minty keen!

I thought I would spare you from my legs today... you can thank me later.

ANY way... some days I want to just grab my yoga pants or leggings and then go.  Then I remember that I have standards.  Damn standards.  So I grab these mint jeans (or the red version works well too!) instead.  They are seriously so soft and comfy.

Speaking of "standards" I just recently started subscribing to The Daily Love as suggested by Jess of Makeunder My Life.  It's really great getting the uplifting emails each morning... but this one quote has been really rocking my world lately (I even tweeted about it!) it's so simple and so true.

" ...self-esteem is directly related to keeping promises to ourselves. When we do, we esteem ourselves. When we don't, there is a part of us that knows that we have let ourselves down."

So simple as it is... NOT reaching for the yoga pants or leggings gives me better self-esteem.  It also reminds me to keep up with other promises I have made to myself: to eat well, to exercise, to follow my faith... and the list goes on.

Do you esteem yourself with the decisions you make? Or work to? It can be difficult... but worth it!

Top, H&M
Jeans, Target
Shoes, Steve Madden
Necklace, Mimi's the Look (c/o)

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