Tuesday, March 27, 2012

what to pack: spring break!

It's that time of year ladies and gents... if you are like (what seems to be) the majority of the population you are packing up and heading south for a little sun and sand in the coming weeks.

My kids start their spring break later week... and in very unusual form for us, we have NOTHING planned. Which makes me both excited (endless possibility) and scared (endless boredom)!  Actually my husband and I are taking a raincheck on spring break for our family and hopefully cashing it in for a trip in the early summer... but if you are heading south... here is your ultimate packing list!

1. get yer' tan on ladies! I love this simple but colorful bikini (top & bottom)... 2. these shorts scream "fun in the sun" to me...  3. one simple dress for day or night is all you will need... 4. the ultimate beach tote... it's already packed for you (kinda!)... 5. simple tees for sun kissed shoulders in the evening are essential... 6. a random stack of bracelets, wear one or wear them all...7. a cozy sweatshirt for windy days or cool nights at the beach... 8. I love a good one-piece suit, this one is sexy and practical... 9. simple shorts... 10. pink shorts! 11.  stripes, oh yeah... 12. a fun and fluffy beach towel for sunning and napping equally... 13. the perfect beachey nail hue... 14. gorgeous wedges... 15. don't forget your sunscreen, you're not getting any younger... 16. these sunnies won't come off your face or head all week... 17. simple flips.

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