Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my outfit: more pink!

My husband likes to tease that I just keep buying pink stuff.  It's been my "color" for a while, but I will say we are at peak pinkness around here.  His observation was that at this point I could put it all together for an entire pink "Zoot Suit".  It's true, there are pink pants, a pink blazer, sweater, tops, shoes, this new belt, bracelets. rings, etc.  One thing there is not (I just realized) is a purse. I'll get on that, stat.

This thing with pink is that just a dash will do you and it's a fun and girly way to dress.  According to me that is.  On another note, do you ever find two of your favorite pieces of clothing in the closet and realize that for some reason they have never been paired together (miraculously?!).  That is what happened with these white jeans and the leopard sweater.  The skies opened, the angels sang and I got dressed.

Can't beat that.  In other, other news... these gold Sperry's haven't left my feet since I got home from Austin (figuratively speaking, of course).  They are so comfy and casual, but they are gold... so I pretend they are "pulled together" as well.  Whatever you do, do not tell me otherwise.  The summer will be ruined.

Sweater, J.Crew
Belt, Gap (similar)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Bracelet, Towne & Reese (c/o)
Shoes, Sperry
Sunglasses, House of Harlow
Nails, Sally Hansen "Fuchsia Power" (a reader recommended this really affordable nail polish and it is AWESOME!  My nails lasted three solid days with only one or two small chips!)

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