Monday, March 26, 2012

my outfit: neon + neutral!

When Daily Buzz Style invited me to participate in their 9x9 Style Challenge: "Neon + Neutrals" I was pretty excited!  Neutrals have been my thing for a long time... and neon is my new thing these days so it was the perfect challenge for me.

I instantly went to three staple neutral pieces that I own: this khaki jacket that I have loved and worn forever (seriously it's GAP circa 2002), a simple pair of black jeans (these get a lot of wear-time off the blog) and a simple pair of leopard flats.  And then of course, added the NEON!

I'm nearly positive that you could take any top I own and swap it for the neon sweater and this outfit would still "work".  If you are having any problems thinking of simple ways to incorporate neon into your spring and summer wardrobe, I suggest you do the same!  Pick your simple and classic standbys from your closet and mix in some neon for a fresh and fun look.

Jacket, Gap (very old)
Ring, Duo Boutique (Austin, TX)
Sweater, J.Crew
Jeans, Gap
Shoes, Sam Edelman
Sunglasses, BonLook (won at TXSC)

Full Disclosure: This post is in participation with Daily Buzz Style's 9x9 March Style Challenge.  I was chosen to participate by DBS and by doing so I am entered to win a gift card.

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