Wednesday, February 15, 2012

work it wednesday: white blazer!

I'm completely obsessed with white blazers for spring and summer - they seem to be popping up everywhere and while they aren't the most practical piece you might add to your closet (up-keep wise) - they sure are easy to style!  I hope to be adding a very similar one to my wardrobe very soon!  Plus, the one I featured here is UNDER $30!  Whoa!  Love it!


On another (kind of sad) note... Work It Wednesday will no longer be a link up party.  
I had readers that did such a great job of following the Work It Wednesday rules and linking up properly - and I THANK YOU for that!  But on the other hand I had people that weren't following the rules and subsequently the ones that were following the rules were complaining about the ones that weren't.  Then the ones that weren't following rules were mad at me for deleting them and blah, blah, blah.  It's my blog, I make the rules - but in the end the last thing I want is people coming after me after a stupid link up post.  (you'd be surprised how rude people can be)  As a blogger, link up parties take time and money to host - yes you have to pay for those services - and I'm no fool, I refuse to spend time and money on things that people aren't thankful for.  It may sound harsh, but in the end I wasn't doing it for me, I was doing it to spread the love and give some of you newer bloggers a great way to build your readership.

If you want to link up in the comments - DO it!  I love seeing your Work It Wednesday posts.  If you want to hate on me - go somewhere else.  That's a formal invitation to scram.


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