Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my outfit: bloggers!

I've never been more proud to call myself a blogger. Especially after the Blogger Night Out event in NYC last Friday.  I was able to meet so many super sweet and talented ladies.  I was so blown away! Us bloggers are an amazing breed and a group of people that I couldn't be more honored to call myself a part of.  And contrary to popular thought... I had an epiphany about bloggers...

A lot of people think that blogs only highlight the BEST of a bloggers life, that it runs like a highlight reel of ones accomplishments and successes and even that at times it can be an unbalanced portrayal of ones life.  I agree that our actual blogs only show one part of our very complex lives... but I have this to say:  The more bloggers I meet in person the more I realize - these ladies are actually (even!) BETTER in real life than on their blogs.  Which, in my opinion, says a lot.

They are beautiful, driven and hard working ladies who's blogs only clue you in to a slice of their fabulousness.  Their phenomenal blogs give us only a glimpse at the tip of the iceberg.

And on another more serious note, I hope you readers take this to heart also.  Mean comments go a long way and are very hurtful.  Judging without knowing these people (or myself) in real life is really harsh.   We put our pants on one leg at a time just like you.

On another note... Happy Valentines!  This holiday is seriously one of my MOST favorites!  I just love all the pink and red and hearts and reasons to let my kids and husband feel a little spoiled.  True fact: I never celebrated Valentines Day with a "boyfriend" until my husband - I never had a special guy on February 14.  But I've never disliked the holiday - my parents or my girlfriends were always there for me.  Including one Valentine's weekend I remember my junior year in college where I just had to escape campus for the weekend and took refuge on my parents sofa for the weekend (remember that mom!?!). Ha!  Good times.

So take some time to spoil the ones you love - and yourself - today!  Love is free!

Scarf, Gap
Jacket, Tulle (courtesy of, previous season)
Top, H&M
Jeans, Gap
Sunglasses, House of Harlow
Earrings, Charlotte Russe
Nails, "Wildfire" Shellac - I just ADORE this color!  SO fun for winter!
Boots, Shoemint (courtesy of) - these boots were rockstars in NYC, I wore them the entire time and they were SO comfy!

Here's two other ways I've worn this jacket - which is a total staple!

Speaking of fabulous bloggers...  be sure to check out What I Wore's Winter Remix Challenge for TONS of fabulous and inspiring bloggers remixing their winter wardrobes (yours truly included)... I know I just found a dozen or so new blogs to follow!


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