Wednesday, February 15, 2012

more NYC fun!

I literally had like no time on the ground in NYC.  But I did find a spare hour to stop by Warby Parker's showroom and home office in Soho.  They have a really great loft space that was just delicious on that warm and sunny New York afternoon.  It's a cozy and inviting space to try on tons of glasses and get to know more about the WP brand.

This is their "office" portion... those Parson-style desks, plush leather chairs, and life-sized iMacs were calling my name.  (Think they are hiring bloggers?)  I love what a work environment says about a company.  This one says: we love our employees and we are seriously cool.  

I've done the home try-on program when purchasing my first pair of WP glasses - and it was pretty darn fun.  But having the whole showroom to try on it one sitting? 
Mind blowing. 
I had a lot of fun, to say the least.

And I found my next pair - are they cute or what?
(also check out the matte black pair - fourth down - those were amazing too! Really gorgeous in person.)

Then it was almost like wedding dress shopping - you know you've already found 'the one', but you can't tear yourselves away from the others.

I have a very weird look on my face here - but these clear frames were runner up for my next pair.  
They are like invisible! But not!

I promise to have event pictures from Friday night up on the blog soon! I am waiting to get some of the "professional" ones from the event!  So stay tuned!

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