Tuesday, January 31, 2012

your dressing room! {the home-body}

I present: the Home-body.  
Getting cozy is her game plan and in her mind there is truly no place like home.

She prefers a night (or in truth, a weekend) in over painting the town red.
She surrounds herself with the comforts she values most.
She creates her surroundings with relaxation and indulgence in mind.
She needs time to herself to be herself.
She quiets her heart and head on a regular basis.

By day she dresses one {very stylish!} step above pajamas!
(leggings, sweater, scarf, sunnies, lip gloss, boots)
When her love asks her what's on the docket for the weekend... she demurely replies:
Let's Stay Home.
The perfect day includes her Kindle, a cozy blanket, a{nother} pot of coffee and a cozy fire.
Her signature scent doesn't refer to her perfume, rather... her home scent. (candle)
By late afternoon she can't wait to hop into her pjs! (shorts, tank, robe, socks, slippers)

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