Monday, January 30, 2012

my outfit: all black!

When in doubt, wear black. That has always been my motto.  My other motto is, when feeling like it's going to be an all black day - go for bold jewelry.  Winter is getting to me folks. Getting to me.   Am I alone?

Last week I went and got a shellac manicure... let's discuss, shall we? Okay, so you all know I love to paint my nails - it's a very fun activity to me and one that I like to do myself and like to be creative with as well.  But this winter I will paint my nails and they just instantly chip.  Where usually I can get three or four days out of them.  I think it's the dry weather.

I've heard other bloggers talk about the shellac and then a friend of mine had hers done (they looked amazing!) and she recommended a place she likes. I never do this kind of stuff without a solid recommendation. I was nervous to try it because I have done the acrylic nails before and it was a disaster (the upkeep, the damage, the thick nails, the pain!).

But so far I absolutely LOVE them!  I'm afraid I'll become addicted to them!  I know you are not supposed to do the shellac often (have others found this to be true?) so I will probably do a week and half on and a week or so off.  I started with clear (just in case I didn't like them) and really love the clear but I would like to try a color too.  I just love that all week I only have to put lotion on my hands - no filing, no chipping, no nothing.   Also the salon was running a special and it only cost $20. Steal.

I'm curious to know your thoughts! Have you tried it before?

Coat, Anne Klein (very old, but with new buttons!)
Sweater, Gap (similar)
Necklace, H&M
Jeans, Zara
Gloves, Target
Boots, Shoemint (courtesy of) - my new favorite boots! I've worn them for like four days straight!

Here's two other fun ways I've worn this bold necklace!

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