Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012!

If you've been reading this blog for a while you will remember that way (waaaaaaay) back when I used to round up my outfit photos at the end of each month. I don't know why I quit doing that, but I'm bringing it back!  It's a fun visual for me on what I wore (too much or not enough of) for the month and a great way to sum up the month!

Other things that happened this month:

  • We started renovating our kitchen!  And it's getting really close to being done... whew! It's been a long month of sandwiches and cereal for dinner on paper plates.  I'm getting so excited to start cooking and doing dishes and baking again.  (I've seriously packed my 'food' Pinterest board with inspiration for cooking and baking in the new kitchen!)
  • Behind the scenes I am working on making some really fun travel plans for 2012.  East coast? Check. West Coast? Check. In between? Texas Style Council, of course!  You will likely hear a lot about each of these trips in the coming weeks and months!  Promise.
  • I started a fun new series that I am having a blast putting together called "your dressing room" - this is now a weekly series, so stay tuned for more!
  • I tried a shellac manicure for the first time (and fell in love!).
  • I got hooked on Words with Friends. Have you played? It's so addicting!
  • I tried a new lipstick!
  • I started painting with watercolors - a gift from my husband that I enjoy messing around with.
That is January in a nutshell.  I can't wait to see what exciting things February has in store!

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