Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my outfit: summer haze!

Summer is just rolling on over here... can you even believe how fast it's going? I've been in a bit of a jeans mood lately... at least for the evenings.  After the pool or the beach the A/C seems to absolutely blast me.  So I've been reaching for my favorite holey pair of jeans.  Which isn't anything new, I've been on a kick with these guys for a month or so now.

I actually need a few new pairs of jeans... but I'm holding out until fall is closer.  Who wants to buy jeans in the dead of the summer? Not me...

Other things I would rather not do in the summer...
Grocery shop (uggh... not now and not ever again, k?)
Sit on hot seats in my car with short shorts. (ouch!)
Vacuuming (I'm already sweating, need we make it worse?)
Deal with service guys at the house (we always have something that needs fixing it seems and with the warm weather, who wants to be chained to the house between noon and 5pm, or whatever else other four hour window they give you. pppshaw.)

This is another pair of Warby Parker frames.  Originally they were the front runner.  I think they in second after these though as of now.

Necklace, courtesy of Stella & Dot rep Kelly Gartner
Top, Gap (similar)
Glasses, Warby Parker
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Shoes, Olsonboye via gift card courtesy of JCPenney

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kristen said...

You look so great! I love everything about this outfit!

G. said...

How easy to put together, looks sooo comfy and u look great!

G. from

The Thorkelson Family said...

Wow..thanks for the heads up on the glasses. I just bought myself the Huxley pair in Whiskey. :)

Law Mama said...

Such a great, easy summer outfit! I like it and am feel inspired! I like the Warby Parker frames, but I wonder how they'd work with my super strong prescription -- I think they might not look so cute as they warp my face!

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

Law Mama, I'll let you know when I get my final pair (these are just dummies for try-on purposes) I have SUPER bad eyesight too!

Thorkelson Family, glad you found a pair you liked!

rebecca said...

Such a cute outfit! Love your necklace and those wedges are fabulous!


madison avenue said...

LOVE the shoes!! wedges are my favorite!! i also love your jeans, if i had super cute holy boyfriend jeans like those i would wear them all the time too! p.s. i like the other glasses too!

Chloe said...

Really love the fit of those lovely jeans.

C x

Linda Rose said...

gosh! it's gonna be hard to decide on those glasses! they're both so cute so far!
you're making me want to cut holes in my jeans now. :)

LettuceHead said...

I am loving your blog - thanks so much! I'm headed to a Stella & Dot party this weekend, any suggestions for cheap/cute pieces?

Brooke said...

they may be your favourite holey comfy jeans but you still look fab in them!

i bought a bright neon green tank inspired by your recent post :)

Alisha said...

Perfect outfit for summer nights. LOVE those white wedges!!

And amen to not wanting to but jeans in the dead of summer. Just thinking about that makes me hot. Fall is definitely more appropriate ;)

Monica Whitney said...

How are you cute, beautiful, and sexy all in one?

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