Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my outfit: lessons learned.

Uggh, do you ever put things off to the last minute and then totally regret it. I did that with a couple of things yesterday and my outfit pictures were one of them. Rats!

After our neighbors went home after dinner and after a HUGE storm rolled through I tried to take outfit pictures.  Let's not even get into the specifics of how dumb or rushed that is.  So yes, I am blurry. Yes, I look tired (it was darn near 9pm). And yes, I had to stand in front of the clover field that was once our lawn.  (My husband promises he's on it). And yes, it was raining a bit in these pictures with rumbling thunder in the background.

But also, yes, I loved this outfit.  The cardi was on my shoulders for part of the day and I wore it for the other part of the day.  I can never seem to regulate properly with the contrast of humidity and air conditioning.

Clover, anyone?

Cardigan, Old Navy (similar)
White Tank, Old Navy (similar)
Jeans, Gap
Sandals, Forever 21 (similar)
Watch, Michael Kors
Necklace, TJMaxx (similar)

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Kayla said...

I absolutely love your pairing of those white pants with the neutral sandals. That is just a perfect combination for summer!

Maggie Rose said...

Even with slightly blurry photos, I LOVE this outfit! The coral, white, and nude is perfect together!

(PS I've started trying your top knot bun... haven't quite got it down yet cause my hair is a little too short, but I'm loving it. And Ryan even said, "Your hair looks cute." which is pretty much never heard around here ;) )

Jenny said...

Love this look - great cardi and necklace!!!

Orangies Attic said...

Whatever... I totally think the clovers add the perfect backdrop to that outfit!

Lilly's Style said...

Love this outfit! The color of the cardi is so pretty.

Chloe said...

Love the white together. With the pop of colour.

C x

Alysson said...

love this simple look! The all white with a pop of fun summer color is fabulous this season. you're adorable. xo

Jackie said...

Blurry, but still super cute! And I've got clovers galore in my lawn too. Keep bugging fidel to get rid of it. Come on boys, keep up on your chores!

Bug and Bird said...

i love this outfit. and you're not alone. i don't think anyone can ever figure out the perfectly balanced outfit that is able to combat both humidity and air conditioning in the warmer months!

b.a. said...

oooh, i NEED those sandals. my perfect neutral sandals from last year are completely falling apart. (urban outfitters...shoulda known.) i'm debating whether to pay to have them fixed or try to track down a new pair. decisions, decisions. btw: how crazy is it that we're wearing jeans and cardigans at the end of JUNE?!!! grrrr. said...

Love this outfit too!!! Sooo cute. You have such great style! I want those pants!
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