Wednesday, June 22, 2011

work it wednesday: striped dresses!

We all know that striped tops are all the rage and the most coveted item in the stores these days!  It seems we (especially ME!) can't get enough of stripes, stripes, stripes!  Well retailers (specifically J.Crew) have one-upped even themselves in the stripe department with a slew of adorable striped dresses for summer.

I die!

Here's a few way to style them, you know... just in case.

Are you crushing on striped dresses as much as me!?!?
p.s. Target had an adorable one recently but it was sold out in my size, did anyone see/snag that one!?!?


Bug and Bird said...

i've been crushing on stripes pretty hard lately. especially since moving to sydney, i love the nautical look, and mrs beach cottage may have inspired me also :)

j. crew is my favorite, favorite. if you hadn't figured that out yet from the fashion posts on my website!

i love the looks you put together!

Kristy said...

I bought a black and green (surplus-ish color) striped maxi from Target last week, but it's not online anymore. I also picked up the solid black one too. Love them! said...

I have the same blue and white striped JCrew dress but a short version with short sleeves. I just love it!
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