Thursday, June 23, 2011

summer essentials {Rebecca, bex a style diary}

Hello, I'm Bex from bex... a style diary.  Here are my top 5 Summer Essentials:

1.} Color!  I'm very much addicted to it. Specifically coral & gold, something about this combination shouts Summer and vacation to me. (watch, bracelets, top)

2.} A great big straw tote.  Perfect for the beach and for feeling like you're at the beach when you're stuck in the city.

3.} Wayfarer sunglasses.  Timelessly cool and always polished in appearance. Also these bad boys are some seriously sturdy shades!

4.} A nude lip gloss.  I prefer to wear a nude gloss in the Summer its much more relaxed and carefree than lipstick and it doesn't compete with all the bright Summer colors you'll be wearing. I go with a highly pigmented liglass from MAC, Florabundance, its perfect.

5.} Berry water. We make our own berry infused water and its so addicting. When it gets warm outside the last thing you want to drink is a heavy sugary beverage and plain ol water gets boring. This stuff gives you tons of flavor without the carbonation and sugar of a pop plus its so pretty to look at. Slice up a lemon a few strawberries plop em in a pitcher of h2o and chill in the fridge.


Bug and Bird said...

berry water is a terrific idea! i've had cucumber water at spas and lemon water in restaurants. i'll have to try this one next time i get a bag of frozen fruit (in sydney fruit is so expensive because it's summer and they don't import)

Alisha said...

Great picks!! I just bought a lovely straw hat the other day, and I am OB-sessed!


Baby Shopaholic said...

Great stuff! That straw tote is classic! I pulled mine out for the summer! Almost forgot I had it!

Ashlee said...

I love lemon water and will now give berry water're so smart! said...

Definitely agree with the berry water!! That's amazing for the summer - thanks for reminding me to make that!
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Lauren K said...

love the rose gold watch :)


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