Tuesday, May 17, 2011

nuts for navy...

It's hard to deny that Kate Middleton, rather Cathrine Duchess of Cambridge will not be our times' most loved and revered style icon.  No? Not only does she dress for the masses... Kate Middleton has been seen wearing Zara, Banana Republic and many other accessible brands - but she does so with grace and poise.   Whomever can mix an 80 dollar dress with the family jewels worthy of a body guard themselves has got some serious skill.

And of course, Kate Middleton has single-handedly brought back the color navy (love that cropped navy blazer she wore!).  At least in my book.  Here are some lovely navy picks... for being such a dark color, it sure is perfect for summer!

Are you as smitten with Kate Middleton's accessible style as I am? 


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