Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my outfit: it's over.

Folks, I'm afraid that I have reached the pinnacle of my style blogging career.  Now would be the best time to quit.  Just throw in the towel.

I found what I deem to be the most perfect outfit... simple, comfortable, stylish and it photographs well (duh!).  Can I just quit now and leave these photos up for the rest of time and you all can visit it each day?


Now that you mention it, the white jeans may get a little dingy after long. I guess I'll have to get dressed tomorrow after all.  If you say so.

Also, I do believe I have perfected the 'messy bun' - check back tomorrow for the video tutorial.  I know, huh? A good outfit AND a video completed all in one day.  Maybe I should just be done right now.  Just maybe.

Top, Old Navy
Jeans, Gap (psst... they are on sale!)
Wedges, Cynthia Vincent for Target (similar)
Sunglasses, Forever 21 (similar)
This One (courtesy of Stella & Dot)
This One (also, courtesy of Stella & Dot)
This One (courtesy of Towne & Reese)


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