Monday, May 16, 2011

my outfit: it's a shirt, it's a dress!

It's a shirtdress!

I have been wanting a shirt dress all spring... and then I bought one.  Then I sat around waiting for the weather to finally turn so I could wear the dang thing and pow.  Here it is.  With the feather earrings and African-esque bangles it's like I'm going on safari.  In my own driveway. How about that.

The thing with me and dresses is that I feel like a gal in a papersack no matter what.  So some days I have the gumption to throw one on and ignore the nagging papersack on my shoulder, I mean in my head. And other days I just don't.  I will say that it probably doesn't help when the dress is actually the same color as a papersack.  That was just poor planning on my part.

I really wanted to wear a jacket or a cardigan with this outfit, but it was so hot. Yes you read that right - a balmy 80 degrees yesterday so layers would have been silly (and sweaty).  There is such a fine line in Michigan between waiting forever to wear your summer clothes and then severely sweating it out in them.

Dress, Target (similar)
Bracelets, Sandals & Earrings, Forever 21


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