Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday morning inspirations...

Good morning ladies...

I'm super excited about this week on the blog!  I've got a giveaway going on, lots of outfit posts with some of my super fun new clothes from my Chicago trip and I am already stewing on my next Thursday Latelies post - last week's was such a hit!

Any way... I have been incredibly inspired by BRIGHT PINK lately... I bought quite a few pink things in Chicago (stay tuned for them to pop up on the blog... although there is a sneak peek on my latest video of my new pink blazer which I am totally in love with!), I just recovered my dining room chairs with bright pink fabric, I did some pink artwork for my bedroom a few months back and I even just bought day-glo pink nail polish!

In the meantime... here are some of my favorite pink 'pins'!

Source: via Jill on Pinterest

Now, isn't that such a nice start to the week!?!?


Alisha said...

That bed is to die for, and the fruit punch looks divine. Absolutely perfect for summer!


Jenni said...

SO many fun, bright colors...makes me happy! Thanks! =) Hope you have a great day!


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