Wednesday, September 15, 2010

need: scarves!

I am an absolute scarf person... I wear them all winter long and even part of the summer. I was going through my scarves the other day though and thought - oh no! (or, oh yes!) I need some new ones!

The best thing about scarves is they warm you right up, or come off easy if you are hot... and best of all you can find some really great options for inexpensive! All of my selections today are on the cheap!

Doesn't this chunky knit scarf look so perfect for fall? A nice warm color and the thick yarn seems so cozy to me! (Modcloth, $22.99)

This fun scarf could dress up jeans and a t-shirt no problem... it reminds me of a neon pattern Marc Jacobs did a year or so ago. Very chic! (American Eagle, $9.50)

I featured this scarf in the fall looks:book and it continues to be a favorite of mine (and a fav of those that bought the book - everyone has been raving about this scarf!). It's classic and chic! (Modcloth, $19.99)

I love the color combo of this scarf... it would be a great compliment to the popular military green this season.
(Bindya, $42.75)
Do you have your eye on some new scarves this season?


Ephemeral Evidence said...

I started knitting last year so Ive got big plans for a chunky scarf this year;)
...also I like to buy hand knits on

Mandy said...

I absolutely love scarves and get so excited for cool weather so can break them out. I wore one of my handknit ones today and I love how cozy it made me feel. That first one is so unique - love the colors!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life

Linda Rose said...

oh my gosh! i'm such a scarf person too! i've been seeing some cute ones at forever 21 that i'm just waiting for the right time to buy 'em all up!

Jackie said...

I bought the modcloth scarf that was in your looks book! Got in in the mail the other day and I love it. Now if it would just get cool enough for me to bust it out!

paula said...

the polka dot scarf is darling!

Jacinta said...

Oh that spotty one is fantastic.
I love scarves too... I'll be sad to pack them away when the weather warms up here.

jill said...

scarves are by far my fav accessory! i've been scoping out garage sales lately and finding some cute! vintage scarves that are so unique and fun... the polka dot scarf is a classic. ♥ it

Inspired Gert said...

i follow rosealamode & saw a link to your blog from hers & i'm glad i did!
i'm addicted to scarves too! i have way too many (if there is such a thing) & i'm always checking out new ones when i'm out and about...they always fit, easy to have on hand, brighten up an outfit & you're right, warm you right up! thanks for this post - i'm gonna have to check out modcloth now! :)


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