Thursday, September 16, 2010

my oufit: lace & denim!

I am going to need to have my husband start taking my pictures more often... this is what happened when I took my own the other day and then didn't actually LOOK at them until later in the day. Oops, I'm half-headed. Like literally.

I have heard so many bloggers say that evening light is best to take photos in outside. But if you are a mom you know that the hours between 4pm and 8pm are like the WORST and most hectic of the day. I find that the light is best indoors (at least in my living room) right about lunch. Also the kids are conveniently stuffing their faces at that time so it makes for a convenient picture taking time. Alas, my husband works at that time. Dilemma.

So until I can hire some paparazzi to follow me around, well, this is what you get. Although on second thought, the "paps" aren't necessarily known for taking into account pleasing light and perfect timing (ahem, has anyone seen Madonna's arms recently? case rested). They are likely to find me whipped with spaghetti sauce while stirring pots on the stove and hollering (love that term!) at a rowdy kid or two. That's what 5pm looks like in my house. You? (that probably puts us all in agreement that a half-headed picture is better than the later!)

Anywho, on to this outfit. I snagged this lace top from Charlotte Russe recently. They were sold out online and the store had one left. I was thrilled to get it home, yank the tags and then let it sit for a while. By the time I went to wear it... I realized it had a rip in it. And we all know CR's return policy (um, like there isn't one) and the sold-out-ness made me very sad. So I kept it and fixed it myself. You can file that under "resourceful" or maybe "desperate"... either one.

In the meantime I wanted a super casual way to wear lace. Hmmmm, I thought. Pair it with a denim jacket - voila! Perfect way to dress it down!

Denim Jacket, Gap (similar)
Lace Top, Charlotte Russe (similar)
Scarf, Limited (similar)
Jeans, JCrew (mine are dark grey... these are black: similar)
Flats, Sam Edelman


Linda Rose said...

Jill, this looks so beautiful! Nice way to tone it down and make it wearable with kids during the day. Although I don't know how you did it! I rip things all by myself with no kiddos to watch out for! Just another reason why you're amazing! :)

Jackie said...

Gah! I wanted that top from CR, but it was sold out when I went to buy it online too. And I don't have a store near me :( Anywho-looks good on you!

Courtney said...


I just found your blog through Elle Sees. It's wonderful. Now following :)

Desiree said...

Just found your blog, new fave! I love this outfit!


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